Learning New Design Features

If you work designing websites then you know that there are always little tips and tricks of the trade that other designers love to use. These are often things we stumble upon as part of our learning trail as a web designer. We thought we would share four we happen to really love.

Four Cool Web Design Tips


Always get a pro to design the logo as it is the most important thing on that site. But don't forget while designing that site to create a link back to the landing page for that logo. This way a visitor can always find their way back while navigating through the site.


It is easy to keep adding more bells and whistles to websites. This is especially true when you read about one or have just done a workshop on a new one you want to try. But remember that simple is best. The answer is to work hard to remove clutter on that site to make it shine.


It is always tempting to use poorly done photos or in some cases snapshots clients provide. But whenever possible use a professional to create the photos you will use on the site. Bad photos are glaringly obvious on a site, so why mess with them?


Modern web design says that every website should be responsive to all sizes of desktop monitors and mobile device screens. This means no matter what device a viewer is using, a website should detect that device and automatically resize the content to fit the screen.

The bottom line is to always think ahead of the curve and choose what the visitor wants to see. If the site is clean, clear, and professional looking, while easy to navigate, you will end up delivering a great site that people will consider to be valuable. A great site can means tons of traffic and a potential source of income. A well trained web designer can deliver all this and more.

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